Preserving Africa's

Audio-Visual Media Assets

- an industry programme


About Programme

Broadcast media organisations across the globe are custodians of society's social-cultural experiences often captured in its audiovisual content.

As broadcasters across Africa transition from analogue to the digital broadcasting platform, experts are all in agreement on the urgent need for legacy audiovisual content - that are still primarily stored in analogue formats - to be diligently catalogued, carefully archived and adequately preserved for their historical value as well as to meet future demand.

The African broadcast media industry, therefore, need knowledge and know-how support to ensure that they can continue to fulfil this very vital role well into the digital space.

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Aims & Objectives

This industry programme aims to help drive cutting-edge knowledge, standards and practices for the safeguarding and preservation of legacy audiovisual broadcast content in Africa.

To enable a deeper understanding of media assets preservation by broadcast

institutions across Africa.

To expand the capacity of public broadcasters to preserve audiovisual collections

for future generations.

To institute a sustainable pan-African network of content archivist and

preservation professionals.


Focus & Activities

Industry Tracking Studies

Through a series of specialised surveys and briefing reports, the programme seeks to provide insight on current ‘pain-points’ and challenges in Africa and how these can be addressed.

Capacity Development

Develop and deliver capacity-building activities via specialised industry forums, workshops and clinics to enable the updating crucial skills and capabilities of industry practitioners.


Pan-African Professional Network

Work with relevant industry organisations to establish a sustainable networking platform for the preservation of audio-visual content.


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